As a Business Mindset & EFT Coach, I help ambitious women entrepreneurs stop overthinking and start taking aligned, confident ACTION.

Business Coaching

This might sound crazy, but it IS possible to have a thriving business without:
– working yourself into the ground (hustling)
– feeling like you have to say yes to everyone and everything (boundaries, anyone?)
– following all the trends (even if that’s what everyone else is doing)

I teach my clients how to build smart, sustainable businesses that reflect their unique energy and lifestyle so entrepreneurship can be fun again.

Algorithm-Proof Your Business

Ditch the algorithm and drive traffic for your business for years to come!

If you’re here, you are probably a business owner who is using social media to get seen or promote your business. Can we just take a minute to celebrate you for taking the leap into the online world?

But there is no denying that social media can feel draining and sometimes unforgiving. You create content and maybe you get seen, maybe you don’t. You are on the hamster wheel of creationfor 5 minutes of visibility. 

I’ve been there and I am here to show you another way. 

From The Start, Grow, Pivot Blog…

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    Are Blogs Still Relevant in 2023?

    Ask 100 people whether blogs are still relevant, and you’ll get 100 different answers ranging from “no way!” to “absolutely!” But you’re probably here because you’re asking yourself whether you should start a blog to promote your business. And that answer depends entirely on whether the potential benefits of blogging are worth the time and energy it takes…

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    How to Write Better Instagram Captions

    Because Instagram’s unquenchable thirst for fresh posts keeps you on the content creation hamster wheel, it makes sense to write captions that do something for your business. You want to grab the reader’s attention and share something of actual value/substance without pouring hours of time and energy into each post. After all, you have a…

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  • Access Your Intuition Easily With Stream-Of-Consciousness Writing

    No matter what problem you’re trying to solve or decision you’re trying to make, stream-of-consciousness writing will help you tap into your intuition faster. If you’re a visionary, a dreamer, or an innovator, I invite you to try stream-of-consciousness writing as an alternative to meditation. I encourage you to use this technique to dig into…

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