As a Business Coach + Consultant, I help creative entrepreneurs just like you build aligned, sustainable, and profitable businesses

so they can

stop overthinking and
start taking confident ACTION.

Business Coaching + Consulting

This might sound crazy, but it IS possible to have a thriving business without:
– working yourself into the ground (hustling)
– feeling like you have to say yes to everyone and everything (boundaries, anyone?)
– following all the trends (even if that’s what everyone else is doing)

I teach my clients how to build smart, sustainable businesses that reflect their unique energy and lifestyle so entrepreneurship can be fun again.

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From The Start, Grow, Pivot Blog…

  • Boundary Queen Behavior: Small Business Edition

    I’ll be the first to say setting and holding healthy boundaries with my clients has been crucial for my well-being as an entrepreneur, and I think this holds true for any small business owner. Without boundaries, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and overworked, leading to burnout and—worst of all—resentment. That’s the last feeling I want…

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  • How to Use Your Human Design Type For Business

    When I tell people I’m a Projector, they look at me funny. Where is my screen? My buttons? Where’s the lens?  When I follow up with, “No, I mean I’m a Projector in Human Design,” they look at me even funnier. I don’t blame them; just a few years ago, I’d never heard of Human Design…

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  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Business

    As a full-time business consultant and former commercial loan officer, I’ve seen businesses at every stage, from scrappy start-ups to companies going on 50+ years. What I’ve noticed is that it’s much easier to thrive in business if you set yourself up for success from the start. The saying, an ounce of prevention is worth…

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