As a certified life and business coach, I help women live happier & more authentic lives.

Life Coaching

This might sound crazy, but it IS possible to live your life without:
– feeling pressured to make everyone else happy (people pleasing)
– thinking you have to be the perfect wife/mom/professional (perfectionism)
– losing sleep overanalyzing everything you’ve ever said or done (hello, anxiety!)

I teach my clients how to put themselves first—without feeling guilty—so they can create a life they truly enjoy living.

Business Coaching

This might sound crazy, but it IS possible to have a thriving business without:
– working yourself into the ground (hustling)
– feeling like you have to say yes to everyone and everything (boundaries, anyone?)
– following all the trends (even if that’s what everyone else is doing)

I teach my clients how to build smart, sustainable businesses that reflect their unique energy and lifestyle so entrepreneurship can be fun again.

  • Access Your Intuition Easily With Stream-Of-Consciousness Writing

    No matter what problem you’re trying to solve or decision you’re trying to make, stream-of-consciousness writing will help you tap into your intuition faster. If you’re a visionary, a dreamer, or an innovator, I invite you to try stream-of-consciousness writing as an alternative to meditation. I encourage you to use this technique to dig into your intuition and make space for it to show you the path forward.

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  • distressed woman sitting on lakeside and touching face in despair

    People-Pleasing is Normal

    It’s normal to be a people-pleaser. We’re practically raised that way. Be nice. Be a good girl. Smile more. This is why, when you get to the point that you’re ready to take the next big step in your business, you come up against a lot of shitty feelings. Business growth can mean setting boundaries, […]

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  • woman sitting on stairs while using laptop

    Does marketing feel spammy and gross? Try this.

    If you’re a heart-centered, mindful entrepreneur who feels gross and spammy when you market your business, here’s an easy fix.  I’m a business coach, and almost all of my clients feel this way sometimes. They want to promote their business in a way that feels good for them AND their audience, but that’s easier said than done. […]

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