Access Your Intuition Easily With Stream-Of-Consciousness Writing

No matter what problem you’re trying to solve or decision you’re trying to make, stream-of-consciousness writing will help you tap into your intuition faster.

If you’re a visionary, a dreamer, or an innovator, I invite you to try stream-of-consciousness writing as an alternative to meditation. I encourage you to use this technique to dig into your intuition and make space for it to show you the path forward.

People-Pleasing is Normal

It’s normal to be a people-pleaser. We’re practically raised that way. Be nice. Be a good girl. Smile more. This is why, when you get to the point that you’re ready to take the next big step in your business, you come up against a lot of shitty feelings. Business growth can mean setting boundaries,Continue reading “People-Pleasing is Normal”

Does marketing feel spammy and gross? Try this.

If you’re a heart-centered, mindful entrepreneur who feels gross and spammy when you market your business, here’s an easy fix.  I’m a business coach, and almost all of my clients feel this way sometimes. They want to promote their business in a way that feels good for them AND their audience, but that’s easier said than done.Continue reading “Does marketing feel spammy and gross? Try this.”

How to add a blog to your website in 2022

As a blogger-turned-coach, I know how beneficial it can be to add a blog to your website.

But it’s jungle of information out there. Instead of getting overwhelmed or giving up entirely, I’ll share what you need to know (and ONLY what you need to know) to add a results-oriented blog to your existing website.

3 Ways Ditching Diet Culture Upleveled My Biz

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: How you do one thing is how you do everything. And believe me when I tell you that I resisted this little nugget of wisdom hard. I really wanted to be the special snowflake who *could* confine her bad habits to one area ofContinue reading “3 Ways Ditching Diet Culture Upleveled My Biz”

How to Decide if Network Marketing is Right for You

Network marketing as an industry gets a bad rap. Who, in this Year Of Our Lord 2021, has not gotten that random message from a long-lost high school friend hawking a “miracle” product designed to make you thinner, prettier, or healthier? You haven’t talked to her in seriously 19 years and now here she is,Continue reading “How to Decide if Network Marketing is Right for You”

3 Easy Ways to Support Local Businesses Without Spending a Penny

The good news is that most cities are starting to open back up, which means stores and restaurants can welcome our families back in to eat and shop. At the same time, many of us are dealing with salary cuts, lost jobs, or job insecurity, which makes spending lots of money right now hard toContinue reading “3 Easy Ways to Support Local Businesses Without Spending a Penny”

How Women Succeed at Work

Shortly after graduating from college, I landed a job at a regional bank.  The position was essentially a year-long paid internship, and I spent the next 12 months bouncing from one department to the next in search of one to call home.  Ultimately, I settled into a role in commercial lending, and I stayed inContinue reading “How Women Succeed at Work”