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Hi, I’m Katie, your new biz BFF. I’m a coach and consultant helping women entrepreneurs start, grow, or pivot their dream businesses with confidence and calm.

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How to Decide if Network Marketing Right for You Start, Grow, or Pivot

Network marketing as an industry gets a bad rap. Who, in this Year Of Our Lord 2021, has not gotten that random message from a long-lost high school friend hawking a "miracle" product designed to make you thinner, prettier, or healthier? You haven't talked to her in seriously 19 years and now here she is, rolling into your DMs to sell you a solution to a problem you didn't even know you had. But here's the thing: for every saccharine, passive-aggressive network marketer I've had the unfortunate opportunity to endure, I know at least one passionate, heart-centered woman who is promoting products she believes in and making a good living doing it. So if some women are scraping by and annoying everyone within a 10-mile radius and other women are generating meaningful income and creating real relationships based on love and trust, then is all this negativity toward the industry really warranted? And if you do decide to sign on with one of these companies, what do you need to look out for? How can you avoid becoming another cautionary tale? Listen in for my perspective on when you should—and shouldn't—jump into network marketing. SHOWNOTES:  FOLLOW ME: @katiegrayofficial JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Start | Grow | Pivot on Facebook — Support this podcast:
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Previously a Vice President of commercial lending for a bank, I now help women entrepreneurs start and run successful businesses.

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