Rip Van Wafels Review: My Honest Opinion

I don’t have a sweet tooth; I have about 30 of them. In my early twenties, I kept a box of Gobstoppers in my desk drawer so I could keep my blood sugar high as a kite all day long. Now that I’m 30-something, I’ve gained enough self-discipline to stave off my sugar cravings until at least lunchtime, but it’s a struggle.

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My first thoughts when Rip Van Wafels asked if they could send me some samples to review were: Rip Van is a weird name and they spell “waffles” wrong. Trust me, I know waffles. I’m a professional.

The name, it turns out, is from the story of Rip Van Winkle. And the spelling refers to stroopwafels, those syrupy circular snacks you get on United flights. If you’ve never tried one (in which case I’m very sorry), stroopwafels are Dutch wafer cookies made from two thin layers of baked dough with caramel filling inside. Rip Van’s version of the ‘wafel is much lower in sugar and higher in fiber than other kinds. Knowing this, I was worried it would taste… weird.

The samples have arrived (hooray!), and here is my honest review of Rip Van Wafels.

Rip Van Wafel on coffee cup
Apparently you’re supposed to warm the wafel on the edge of your coffee cup.

They’re Delicious

I unwrapped one and sniffed it. It smelled good, so I cautiously took a bite. The cookie was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It was every bit as good as the other brand I was used to eating! The rest of it was down the hatch in less than 30 seconds.

Of course, my 3-year old came running. He can hear me tear open a wrapper from the opposite end of the house. It was almost snack time anyway, so I let him try it. And now I have to keep the wafels under lock and key or else he’ll eat them all. On the plus side, he now thinks these 3-grams-of-sugar-each wafels are a real treat. Kids his age are supposed to have around 20g of sugar (or less) per day, so the wafel is a pretty good option.

Have you tried these before? What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

The Rip Van people said it was okay to share my discount with you, so when you order your family a box or two, use coupon code “womenwithkids” for 10% off.

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