What Successful Business Owners Know

As a business coach, people always ask me: how can I be more like these successful, confident business owners I see out there?

And this is what I tell them.

Success is not one-size-fits-all.

Successful entrepreneurs know that what works for other people might not work for them. They know that for every question, there isn’t just one answer. One size fits all strategies don’t work.

This is why when I work with clients, we create a completely bespoke, custom plan for them because even if I’ve coached another client on seemingly the “exact same thing,” this isn’t a lab or a math equation – each person’s unique circumstances are going to affect the result. We need to tweak the strategy.

(I even noticed this before I became a coach when I was a business loan officer. Two companies in the same industry could use a similar strategy but get different results.)

It’s never one single answer.

Successful entrepreneurs know it’s never just one thing. There’s no get-rich-quick, magic bullet, or secret formula. There’s no ONE THING that’s going to change everything in their business.

(If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.)

What truly works is a series of well-thought-out choices. It’s having the right support, filling in the knowledge gaps, and training your mind to make better decisions.

Those things don’t happen overnight, and no single ONE of those improvements is enough to flip the script.

The good news? There are a lot of different formulas that could work for you.

Experiment with your ideas, put yourself in rooms with people who know what they’re doing, and don’t be afraid to get it wrong because that’s the only way to land on the right answer.

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