Want to Feel Better Fast? Here’s a 2-Minute Solution.

Have we all seen this genius dinosaur meme by now? You know, the one that depicts the evolution of a mother’s mood from that of the affable “Rex” from Toy Story at 9 am to the murderous sharp-toothed beast from Jurassic Park by sundown? It’s relatable. More often than not, when I can feel myselfContinue reading “Want to Feel Better Fast? Here’s a 2-Minute Solution.”

Yoga for Self Care: 5 Poses Moms Should Try

If I were to stack Legos on top of one another, adding a new piece every time I was beckoned during the day, the stack would grow into a tower capable of reaching the moon by dinnertime.

Prioritize What Matters

I’m a list-maker. I love to make lists for the usual things, like groceries (well, sometimes) or Christmas gifts, and I also write out lists for things I need to do during the day, goals I want to work towards, and pretty much everything else in my life. I do this partly because my memoryContinue reading “Prioritize What Matters”